About the Cytometry Certification

Working together, ISAC and ICCS, under the sponsorship of the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, have worked with leading certification companies to establish the first cytometry certification program. The goals of this program are to recognize professional excellence among cytometrists, aid cytometry employers in identifying qualified cytometrists, and assure the quality of cytometry applications world-wide.

In 2009 ISAC and ICCS contracted with the Professional Examination Service (PES) to conduct a market analysis feasibility survey for a certification in the cytometry field. Responses to the survey were overwhelmingly positive and showed support for certification from all work settings, career levels and geographical locations. Moreover, the results revealed a core of knowledge that all cytometrists need to have, no matter where they work or what they work on. In 2010 ISAC and ICCS contracted with Prometric to conduct a role delineation (job analysis) study. The purpose of the study was to determine the knowledge and skills necessary for all cytometrists and create an Examination Content Outline. The Societies engaged over 30 Subject Matter Experts to create the role delineation survey. Once again we had an overwhelming response to our survey. Over 650 members of the cytometry community participated. The results of the survey were analyzed by the Certification Advisory Committee members to create the Examination Content Outline, which represents the core body of knowledge and skills necessary for cytometrists. Please click here to view to the Examination Content Outline.

Using this Outline, ISAC and ICCS developed the examination, validated it, and began administering it in 2011. It is now available internationally.

The certification development process has been led by a volunteer committee of members of both Societies.

Certification Advisory Committee
The certification advisory committee members are:

The Societies followed certification industry best practices to create the examination:

Market Analysis (completed October 2009)

Role Delineation Study (completed August 2010)

Item Writing and Test Construction (completed April 2011)

Passing Point Study (completed April 2011)