Eligibility and Policies

Eligibility Criteria
In order to be eligible to become a "Certified Cytometrist," candidates must have a Bachelors degree or equivalent and two years of cytometry work experience, or four years of cytometry work experience.

Testing Policy
If a candidate fails the examination, 3 months must elapse before retaking it. The examination cannot be taken more than twice in a calendar year. Certified individuals cannot take the exam.

Recertification Policies
The term of the credential is 3 years. Renewal can be made by submitting a renewal application and fee along with evidence of completion of 36 units of continuing education over the prior 3 years. A list of topics and pre-certified continuing education opportunities will be made available.

Reinstatement Policy
If more than six months elapse after a certification expires, recertification can only be achieved by reexamination.

Revocation Policy
Violation of the item writing policy or examination agreement is grounds for revocation of the credential.