Certification Renewal

Certified Cytometrists are required to renew their certification every 3 years. In order to renew their certification they must complete 36 credits of continuing education during their 3 year certification period and complete the recertification application. There are several ways for certified cytometrists to obtain the 36 credits:

  1. Associated and Regional Cytometry Societies Meetings (1 credit per hour of educational programming attended)
    1. Must provide a link or copy of the meeting program. Candidates must keep a record of education sessions attended to provide if audited. Certificants are responsible for obtaining proof of attendance from meeting organizers at the time of attendance.
  2. University, Institute and Hospital Courses or Seminar series (1 credit per hour attended)
    1. Certificants must keep an official transcript or confirming letter on University, Institute or Hospital letterhead from course instructor.
  3. Certification Advisory Committee approved courses and trainings (1 credit per hour of educational programming)
    1. Approved CE Providers include:
      1. The American Society for Clinical Pathology
      2. The Institute of Biomedical Science
      3. The International Clinical Cytometry Society
      4. The International Society for Advancement of Cytometry
      5. FloCyte
      6. European Society for Clinical Cell Analysis (ESCCA)
      7. Expert Cytometry (ExCyte)
      8. BD Biosciences
      9. Beckman Coulter
    2. Other providers who wish to be approved should submit the ICCE CE application to the Certification Advisory Committee. Please click here to open the ICCE CE Application
  4. Give a cytometry related presentation (3 credits per hour of teaching, 1 credit for poster or research talk)
    1. Certificant is required to provide copy of their presentation, poster or research findings
  5. Author or Co-Author an original cytometry article or book chapter (15 credits for lead author, 10 credits for co-authors)
    1. Certificant is required to retain the article.
  6. Author/Editor or Co-Author/Editor an original cytometry book (36 credits for sole author/editor, 18 credits for co-author/editor).
  7. Volunteer leadership in a Scientific Society (1 credit per year of service)