Certified Cytometrist Testimonials

“When the National Cancer Institute (NCI) inspector heard that all 7 of my core staff recently became ICCE certified, the inspector commented that ‘such a level of demonstrated expertise’ was impressive. Thanks in part to the ICCE program, my core continued to be rated Exceptional by the NCI."
- Jonni Moore, PhD, Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and Director of Abramson Cancer Center Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Shared Resource at the University of Pennsylvania

"It had a positive impact on a grant application for a study including cytometric analyses. It further helped in discussions during peer-reviewing. I generally would appreciate any study using cytometric data to document its cytometric competence by stating this certificate."
- Prof. Dr. med. Andreas, OH Gerstner Leitender Oberarzt Klinik und Poliklinik für HNO-Heilkunde / Chirurgie Universität Bonn

"I think certification is a great opportunity for cytometrists at all levels. I have been using flow cytometry in my research for over 20 years, but I was one of the first to get certified. It solidifies your knowledge which really helps in developing assays and troubleshooting. To study for the test, I wrote up my own questions based on the sections which was a fantastic way to test myself as well as prepare for the test. I highly recommend certification for all cytometrists."
- Dana Buckman, CCy Flow Paradigm

"I cleared ICCE in September 2012; and myself along with my senior Dr Ritesh Sachdev, are the first persons from India to have cleared this examination. Clearing ICCE has helped us professionally as it has given us a valid authenticated certificate to practice flow cytometry. It also helps us to generate confidence in those who receive the reports, which have been signed-off by a certified cytometrist. It has also provided a strength and credibility to our knowledge of flow cytometry."
- Pranav Dorwal MBBS DCP DNB MNAMS MAIMS CCy Certified Cytometrist

"I was able to obtain an advancement and increased compensation for one of our staff based partially on her obtaining certification. We consider this significant since retention of staff has been an issue for us. Entry level technician salaries are often not competitive with other fields/industries. Anything that allows us to demonstrate ‘expertise’ in our staff is a big advantage."
- Lab Manager and Certified Cytometrist

"I've been doing flow for >20 years but I learned quite a lot in studying for these exams so I do feel that it helped me as a personal goal and I believe the knowledge gained has made me a more well rounded flow tech."
- Terri Lebo, MT QCYM (ASCP), CCy (ICCS) Lead Technologist Flow Cytometry Clinical Immunology Laboratory ADx Laboratories at National Jewish Health Denver, CO